Wednesday, January 9, 2013


The final frontier.

All too often we moan and pine for more space. Space in our life, space in our home. Why? Well, to put more stuff in! We wish and wish for more space, and then when we have some, we rush to fill it, with things, with clutter. The clutter could be our stuff that have too much of, or the noise and busy-ness that we create to avoid being in our skin. When there are empty pauses in conversation, we're anxious to rush to fill that, too.

But, we never take time to be grateful for just an empty spot, a place or time in which there is nothing. We never appreciate the Nothing. The Potential.

Throughout most of my adult life, I have gone out of my way to accomplish, to fill, and after wishing for more space, I immediately filled it. Perhaps it was because I was afraid that unless I did, I would never be enough.

I've finally allowed myself to sit with the silence, and to quiet that guilty part of me that wouldn't allow Space to be in any part of my life. I am finally comfortable with the quiet, and the nothing.

I am grateful for Space.